As You Like It

As You Like It – Theatre by the Lake


Video Design – Daniel Denton and Ian Galloway

Production Designer – Libby Watson

Director – Kate Saxon 


Set in the modern world of fake news and paranoid leaders, the young Rosalind and her friend Celia find themselves pawns in a power struggle. Together they decide to leave the city and its politics for the forest, where they discover a rural wonderland of peace and harmony. Disguised as a boy, Rosalind meets Orlando and, amidst the intoxicating atmosphere of this other world, teaches him the art of love.

As You Like It is one of Shakespeare’s most popular comedies with the most witty and wise-cracking heroine of them all. This season sees it transformed in a beautiful and bold new production by Kate Saxon.

“The play’s Arden has the wooded shores of Derwentwater outside the theatre for competition. But the visual creatives come up trumps with this gorgeously designed production. Dan Denton and Ian Galloway’s videos evoke a natural world beyond the humans on stage.”

Stephen Longstaffe – The Stage