Misty – Bush Theatre and Trafalgar Studios, London UK

Video Design – Daniel Denton

Director Omar Elerain

Designer: Rajha Shakiry 

Lighting Design: Jackie Shemesh

Sound Design: Elena Pena


“Here is the city that we live in
Notice that the city that we live in is alive
Analyse our city and you’ll find that our city even has bodily features
Our city’s organs function like any living creature
Our city is a living creature
And if you’re wise enough, you’ll know not all of us are blood cells…
Some of us are viruses.”

Arinzé delivers an epic, lyrical journey through the pulsating heart and underground soul of inner city London. An inventive blend of gig theatre, spoken word, live art and direct address,Misty confronts the assumptions and expectations underpinning the act of telling a story.

“Daniel Denton’s exquisite projections bring into sharp focus the monolithic animal that is our capital, a constant backdrop to reinforce Kene as he spits out powerful verses and melodies that reach soaring emotional heights.”

Daniel Perks – Micro Magazine

“Hazy animation sees capillaries soften into car headlights, and then into home in the form of a high-rise block. The use of video creates optical illusions, adding to this fluid, three-dimensional drama with magic that sees Kene split in two.”

Josephine Balfour-Oatts – A Younger Theatre