Secret Cinema: Stranger Things



Secret Cinema: Stranger Things


Video Designer: Daniel Denton

Video Designer: Ian William Galloway

Animator: Lea Nagano

Animator: Dimitris Simou

Animator: Barbora Senoltova

Creative Director: Matthew Bennett

Production Designer: Tim McQuillen-Wright

Lighting Designer: James Whiteside

Sound Designer:Emmet O’Donnell

System Designer: Salvador Bettencourt Ávila

Adventure calls: gather your friends, pack your backpack and grab your walkie talkies. Hawkins needs you.

In a secret London location, dive into a living, breathing story to experience your favourite moments from the Netflix original series. New and old tales will blend together in a thrilling collage of the greatest decade for music, fashion and film. Travel back to the ‘80s as you step into the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. But don’t be deceived by its charming exterior. In a town built on secrets you may be surprised to discover a more sinister truth than you had ever imagined.

Mesmer provided all technical video design and content creation for this huge immersive event.